We created this website to share with you some of the work that we do at Solitudes and to be a source of information for animal rehabilitation.  While we don't have public access to the centre for the health and welfare of our patients, a lot of the work we do is educating the public over the phone when the call comes in: "I found a baby fawn in my hay field!  What do I do now?"

One of the most intense --- and gratifying --- rescues (lots of sleepless nights!) we had were Maxwell and Mercedes, two baby moose calves who joined us at Solitudes. 





These wonderful youngsters required a lot of intense care. It is very unusual to have two calves admitted at the same time. We fund-raised for their care to cover the approximately $10,000 it cost (housing, vet bills and food) to nurture them for more than a year until their release. 

Take a moment to read the story of our nanny moose "Molly"  here.  Molly is a rescued moose who has been so imprinted on people that she cannot be released; her job was to help teach Maxwell and Mercedes "moose" and to comfort them until they were old enough to move out into the great wild yonder to thrive and enjoy their lives as free moose!

Max and Mercedes feeding

Growing day by day with excellent care

Maxwell June 2012

Happy Maxwell

Mercedes June 2012

Mercedes in June 2012 

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