New moose enclosures

We are delighted to report on the construction of a large moose enclosure at Solitudes. Aside from the construction of the eagle flight facility in 1997/98, this has been by far our largest project to date.

The new enclosure better accommodates the needs of our moose rehabilitation program. The area is situated on gently rolling hills comprised of coniferous and hardwood trees. A lovely hemlock bluff will offer refreshing cool breezes during the heat and insects of summer.

The enclosure was constructed with eight-foot high wildlife fencing and has the added protection from an  electric fence. This large project was a lot of work for our volunteers and we are grateful for their efforts. 

moose enclosure construction

Our wonderful volunteers hard at work!

hemlock bluff

Hemlock bluff

New constructions

The Solitudes building season often starts in the New Year with winter storm cleanup. Damage to enclosures resulting from severe weather is common. 

Spacious and secluded enclosures are crucial to the successful rehabilitation of all species. 

Among enclosures built in recent years are a woodchuck enclosure, squirrel enclosures, a summer prairie dog housing unit, and an avian flight cage for smaller songbirds. An eight foot square multi-purpose aviary has been built complete with roof, double door and fine screening on the inside, to protect delicate feathers. Our two very well used Rock Dove aviaries have been replaced by larger, stronger units.  © Chris Kerrigan 2012