Animal Stories: American Kestrel

American Kestrel

A very memorable patient at Solitudes in 2010 was a beautiful, adult female Kestrel. This particular Kestrel had been observed hunting on several occasions throughout the summer, along Highway 518 East, near the town of Kearney. Perched on a hydro line, her presence was a lovely sight. On a sunny, September morning, she was discovered on the ground beside the highway, injured by an apparent collision with a vehicle. 

The rescuer called Solitudes and we promptly admitted her into our care. It was discovered from the examination that her right radius bone in her wing was fractured. She was treated for shock and then placed into a very private hospital cage.

american kestrel

Her recovery was remarkable, as was her appetite! Almost three weeks from the day of her rescue, she was returned to her territory and released. 

She flew beautifully to the top of a distant tree. The very next day, volunteers from Solitudes observed her hunting again from her favourite perch. We continued to observe her and two juvenile Kestrels, possibly her young, for the few weeks up until their departure for migration. 

After a long cold winter here in the north, we delight in the occasional sighting of  a female Kestrel perched at the same location. 

Could this be her? We suspect so!  © Chris Kerrigan 2012